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Electric Vehicles

Electric transportation is one of the electricity industry’s most exciting opportunities for energy optimization, environmental stewardship, consumer satisfaction and utility load growth and management. To prepare for this transportation shift, Minnkota Power Cooperative is leading the charge in electric vehicle (EV) education and outreach to our member cooperatives and their communities.


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Electric Transportation Rebates & Incentives
As a part of Minnkota’s Value of Electricity campaign, member cooperatives and municipals can offer incentives for the installation of electric vehicle home charging equipment on the off-peak program.
  • $50 per kilowatt rebate for Level 2 or higher charger
  • $500 maximum rebate
  • Chargers must be on the demand response program. (For public charging infrastructure not on the demand response program, contact Minnkota or Northern Municipal Power Agency for case-by-case rebate opportunities.)
  • For school bus or public transportation rebates, please contact Minnkota or Northern Municipal Power Agency.
Each power provider has its own requirements, and some restrictions apply. Please check with your cooperative or municipal for more details.
Education & Outreach
In the summer of 2023, Minnkota added an all-electric Ford Lightning F-150 to its fleet. The goal of the EV was threefold:
  • To experience the advantages and challenges of an EV firsthand so that we could become the go-to     experts of the technology.
  • To bring the car to our cooperative communities to share the benefits and possibilities of an all-electric vehicle, debunk myths about EVs and answer the public’s questions.
  • To more confidently engage in public discussion about the future of charging infrastructure and EV adoption in Minnesota and North Dakota.